Our story

Growing up playing golf during Tiger’s golden age, BTM “Better Than Most”, is inspired by the lifestyle of elite athletes. We stand for hard work and consistency as the key to achieve greatness and improve ourselves, on the golf course and during our life’s journey.

our purpose and values

Inspire those with a passion for Golf to become the best version of themselves and unlock their full potential

  • Curiosity enhances our possibilities and opens opportunities to standout at what we do, from golf to work and beyond.
  • Elegance in how we dress and conduct ourselves lets us face with confidence life’s challenges.
  • Respect to the game and others is the essence of a better society.
  • Learning everyday is part of our DNA, it’s what makes you grow. Head up, eyes open, the rest is a matter of time.


Each member in the BTM community will be an inspiration and source of support for each other. Everyone has a unique point of view of the game and every perspective has a distinct set of lessons that should be taken into account.

Our product

Made from the Andean region’s finest luxury fabrics, each of our styles is carefully designed with great attention to detail. Our designs emit the elegance that has been a trademark in the game of golf, enhanced with our original blends for comfort and functionality.


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